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Now in its third year, the awards recognize and celebrate women who are transforming businesses, industries, and communities through technology and inspiring the next generation of female tech leaders.
Tech Playmaker Awards

Winners have now been announced

You can read about our 2020 winners on the 2020 Awards page

What makes a Technology Playmaker?

We are recognizing women who are passionate about using technology in innovative ways to make an impact in their organizations and communities, and championing greater diversity of all kinds in the sector. A very warm congratulations to the winners of the Technology Playmaker Awards 2020.

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Award Categories

The 2020 Awards consisted of 9 award categories, each with a €5,000 prize. Individual winners had the chance to be named the Technology Playmaker of the Year 2020 and win an additional €10,000 prize. Winners could also choose to donate their prize money to a charity of their choice.

2019 award categories

Judging Panel

The awards were judged by leading figures in the global technology industry, entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and the media, as well as Chairwoman Gillian Tans. Click below to find out more about our judges.


2020 Awards

This year, we had ten individual winners across the nine award categories. The Technology Playmaker of the Year 2020 is Leanne Robers, co-Founder and CEO of She Loves Tech, an accelerator program and startup competition for female tech entrepreneurs and women-impact tech startups. Leanne is also the Champion of Change category winner.

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