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Frequently asked questions

Should you have any further enquiries not addressed below please email

  • The Technology Playmaker Awards were launched in 2017 and are designed to celebrate and recognize women who have disrupted and are transforming businesses, industries, and communities through the use of technology. By creating the awards, aims to recognize, celebrate and reward their achievements so they can become a source of inspiration for future generations of women who are looking to embrace the opportunities the world of technology can offer.
  • The awards are open to anyone across the globe who meets the entry criteria set out in the individual category descriptions on our nominations page. Nominations closed on 14 January 2020. No further entries will be accepted.
  • We call them playmakers because a playmaker refers to a player in a team game who mobilizes others on the same side into a position from which they can score and win, and that is exactly what pioneering women in technology are doing today. You could be a woman leveraging technology to drive change in your organization or community or be supporting other women or organizations to do the same.
  • Our judges will be assessing each entry against four key criteria depending on the individual category. We won't be looking for evidence of all. These are: Overall innovation/creativity - whether the individual or the business has demonstrated new and innovative approaches to product development or doing business, and whether they have done something different to the usual norms for the industry or community. Overall track record of success so far - Did the project achieve its objectives and goals? Judges will look for ways in which success was measured. This could be product sales, positive client testimonials, examples of return on investment, or the number of participants in a programme. Social impact or impact on the environment - We will be looking at the immediate and longer term impact the innovation/the business or the individual’s contribution has on the environment and society as a whole. Demonstrated leadership skills - Did the individual or business develop new directions, or push the industry or their organisation forward, with respect to core practices or key issues facing the industry?
  • There is a limit of 3 categories an individual can enter. Please study the criteria included with the description of each award to make sure your entry is both relevant and has the right supporting evidence.
  • You will receive an email from the Awards organizers to inform you that your entry has been shortlisted, and when you will be notified if you are a winner. In a situation where you have nominated someone else for an award, the person you have nominated (the nominee) will receive an email with entry information.
  • Yes, you will still be eligible to be a 2020 finalist as long as you were not a winner in previous years
  • The awards carry a cash prize for the category winners and for the overall Technology Playmaker of the Year. Details of these prizes can be found on the 2020 Finalists page. Each winner will also have the opportunity to donate their prize to a cause of their choice should they wish to.
  • The winners will be announced at a special Gala Awards evening in March 2020 in London. Everyone who is shortlisted will be invited to attend the ceremony.
  • Diversity of all kinds has been core to’s culture since the company was founded over 20 years ago, and as part of a continued effort to make one of the most diverse and gender-balanced tech companies in the world, we are committed to diversity inside and outside the walls of The awards are intended to highlight and recognize the amazing achievements women are making in the ever growing and dynamic world of technology.