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Judging Panel

The awards will be judged by leading figures in the global technology industry, entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and the media, including Chairwoman Gillian Tans

Anuradha Khosla

Vice President of Human Resources, HCL Technologies

Anuradha is the Vice President of Human Resources at HCL Technologies. With 26 years of work experience spanning across multiple facets of HR, Anuradha currently leads a multi-dimensional global portfolio encompassing Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Development, and Employee Engagement and Experience. Her charter for Diversity and Inclusion is based on the premise that an increased degree of diversity, inclusion and a ‘sense of belonging’ translates into a smarter, more creative and empathetic workforce. Anuradha’s portfolio also includes, driving a business context based global talent development strategy to strengthen the organizational culture and capability, showcasing a clear business impact.

Anuradha Khosla