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Judging Panel

The awards will be judged by leading figures in the global technology industry, entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and the media, including Chairwoman Gillian Tans

Pocket Sun

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SoGal

Pocket Sun is a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and thought leader. Pocket founded SoGal and expanded it into two thriving entities- SoGal Ventures and SoGal Foundation. SoGal Ventures is the first female-led next-generation venture capital firm that focuses on diverse entrepreneurs and investors. Since 2015, Pocket and her business partner, Elizabeth Galbut have invested in over 65 start-ups, of which six have been acquired including EverlyWell and Function of Beauty. Pocket received her Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and shortly become one of the youngest person to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine at the age of 24. Pocket has also created a popular business podcast in China with over 1 million listeners and speaks globally on topics on venture capital, entrepreneurship, diversity and women’s equality.

Pocket Sun